Turn the laundry chore into a pleasure

With Pikoc scented detergents, every moment of washing becomes a moment of pleasure.

With 95% ingredients of natural origin, combine efficiency, ecology and sensoriality.

Thanks to our box, discover all the flavors of our detergents: Eclat d'Iris, Oranger en Fleurs or Bois Mythique.

It is the original, useful and responsible gift to offer or to treat yourself!


Why choose Pikoc detergent?


Premium fragrances

Without controversial products

Sensitive skins


They talk about us



"Order received very quickly, to try it is to adopt it, I love the smell of my laundry."



"The best detergent I've tried! It really leaves a delicate smell."

S. Thobie


"I tested the box and what perfumes for the laundry! They are all perfect."

Sumptuous fragrances

Discover our three fragrances to find your favorite(s).

By embracing the codes of exceptional perfumery, Pikoc is revolutionizing the world of home.

As trained perfumers, we are dedicated to offering unmatched quality fragrances.

Our aim is to transport you to an unexplored universe in household products: the realm of pleasure.

A natural and effective detergent

With over 95% of natural origin, the ingredients in our formulas are carefully chosen to have the least possible impact on our planet and our health, while ensuring optimal effectiveness.

Enriched with organic aloe vera, Pikoc laundry detergents naturally soften the fabric.

By prioritizing natural ingredients, Pikoc products are non-toxic and biodegradable.

Suitable even for babies

This discovery set is perfect as a baby shower gift.

Approved by dermatological tests, our laundry detergent, enriched with organic aloe vera extract, will take care of your skin!

There are no preservatives in our products to respect the most sensitive skin. This makes it a perfect laundry detergent for your baby.

A clean laundry

Say goodbye to preservatives, antioxidants, optical brighteners, dyes, and enzymes that can cause allergic reactions and damage your skin or clothes.

You can use Pikoc laundry detergents with confidence!

Non-toxic to the aquatic environment, our laundry detergent is concentrated to minimize water usage.

Unmatched quality fragrances that last on your laundry.

To reduce environmental impact and promote French craftsmanship, we are proud to present products MADE IN FRANCE.

Éclat d'Iris

Do you love soft and musky notes? Éclat d'Iris is perfect for you. Its powdery and fruity notes bring comfort and sweetness to your laundry. The iris is there to emphasize the elegance of this fragrance.

A true cuddle.

Oranger en Fleurs

If you're a fan of orange blossom, you'll be captivated by this fresh and sunny interpretation.

The green notes of bergamot and the amber base take you on a journey southward, bringing a touch of warmth. An addictive fragrance indeed.

Bois Mythique

Looking for a powerful fragrance? Bois Mythique delivers on its promises.

The freshness of pine and the strength of cedar bring a sense of renewal to your laundry.

Its reassuring and elegant scent will accompany you throughout the day.

They talk about us



"An explosion of scent and softness. No need to use fabric softener anymore. This detergent is remarkable. I highly recommend, no hesitation in having it, it's a very good product 10/10"



"The detergents are really perfect, the linen remains soft, and the fragrance sublime. I finally found my detergent. I will order every month"



"Delicate smell left on the linen. Become a fan at the first use!"

You too, change your daily life

Detergents with new fragrances resulting from the know-how of high perfumery. Our sweet fragrances stay on the linen for a rediscovered and lasting pleasure.

3 X 300 ML = 21 Washes

Measuring cup included

Wash even the silk

Pikoc laundry detergent does not make anyone jealous.
A silk shirt, a big cashmere sweater or linen sheets to wash? No problem ! Your delicate laundry will come out washed and soft.

Your textiles will be protected with Pikoc.

No more fabric softener

True 2 in 1 detergent, you can forget about your fabric softener container.

The formula has been developed to take care of clothes. Aloe vera, present in our detergent, will naturally soften and protect your textiles.

With our skin-friendly formula, you can hand wash your laundry.



Why Pikoc?

Our brand name is derived from the English word for the animal "peacock". We then personalized the spelling to create Pikoc! The peacock is the emblem of our brand. Its spread tail symbolizes the olfactory diversity we offer through our laundry products. This perfumed fan is akin to a color palette, with each scent being associated with a specific color.

Where are your products made?

We are proud to introduce products that are made in France!

To be more precise, our laundry detergent is crafted just a few kilometers away from Paris, our mist and vinegar are produced in Corrèze, and our dish liquids are manufactured in the central region.

Our drying balls are handcrafted in Nepal by a small workshop that prioritizes employing women, which is still uncommon in Nepal.
However, we are always on the lookout for a French artisan for our drying balls. If you know someone in France, we would be delighted to get in touch with them.

Do you offer samples?

No, we have taken the initiative not to make samples to limit the use of single-use plastic bottles.
We offer you our boxes of detergents and mists to discover our products.

Do you test your products on animals?

No and it will always be no! We do not test on animals at Pikoc.
All of our products are vegan and cruelty free, except our dryer balls which are made of wool.

Where can you find Pikoc in store?

Discover Pikoc products at our network of partner stores and distributors. These welcoming locations share our values and can be found throughout France and even abroad.

Can't find resellers near you? Feel free to send us your favorite boutique recommendations – we'd be thrilled to introduce Pikoc to them.

What network can we find you on?

You can find us on various social media platforms:

  • Facebook: Connect with us on Facebook to stay updated on our latest products, promotions, and news.
  • instagram: Follow us on Instagram for visual inspiration, behind-the-scenes content, and beautiful imagery of our products.
  • LinkedIn: Connect with us on LinkedIn for professional updates, company news, and industry insights.
  • Pinterest: Explore our Pinterest boards for creative ideas, tips, and visual content related to our products.

Feel free to join us on any of these platforms to keep up with our brand and engage with our community!

What do you suggest when we hesitate over the choice of perfumes?

Lucky ones, there are boxes to discover all of our perfumes. Find them here.

Are there gift boxes?

Go to the sets and gift boxes tab of our site to discover our selection to offer or for your own pleasure.

Have you ever thought of offering a laundry detergent? With Pikoc it is now possible and it always has its little effect;).

What offerings do you provide?

You can find offers on our site with:
- the iconic duo, a detergent and a refreshing linen and interior mist, perfect for the home!
- drying sets, our drying balls with their concentrate
- trio offers to save money

Find them in the sets and gift boxes tab of our site.


How soon will I be delivered?

The parcels are prepared every day so that they arrive as soon as possible at your place.
Your package will arrive at your home within 2 to 5 working days.

How can I manage the delivery of my order?

For reasons of quality of service, we use COLISSIMO to send your orders.
Once your package has been prepared, we send you a tracking number to check the smooth running of your delivery.
You do not receive an email? Check your SPAMS. They slip by from time to time.

Is delivery possible outside of France?

Yes of course ! We deliver in:
- Germany,
- Belgium,
- Luxemburg,
- The Netherlands,
- Swiss,
- Austria,
- Denmark,
- Spain,
- Italy,
- Portugal,
- Poland,
- Czech Republic,
- Slovakia,
- Hungary
We are working to increase the list of countries!

If my product arrives damaged, what should I do?

We do our best to ensure that your order arrives in good condition, but there may be accidents during transportation.
Our after-sales service is there for you!

Send us your requests on welcome@pikoc.fr and don't forget to include a photo of:
- broken product
- damaged shipping box
- dispatch note

Then, we take care of everything so that your product is replaced as soon as possible at our expense.

My package is noted as delivered, but I haven't received it, what should I do?

We are sorry if this is happening to you.
Contact us on welcome@pikoc.fr and we will follow up your delivery and the necessary complaints together.


Does Pikoc detergent pay attention to the environment?

We have chosen ingredients that have no harmful effects on the environment while maintaining optimal efficiency. Our formula is neither toxic to the aquatic environment nor to us.

Pikoc combines efficiency, respect and pleasure.

Is it possible to use Pikoc with sensitive skin?

We have integrated organic aloe vera extract into our formula. This dermoprotective and softening plant will take care of your skin!
There are no preservatives in our products, this helps to respect the most sensitive skin.
For very sensitive skin, we recommend our hypoallergenic reference Oranger en Fleurs. Its fragrance has been designed to limit the risk of allergic reactions.

Can I wash fragile textiles with this detergent?

Pikoc does not cause jealousy. We have formulated the detergent in such a way that all textiles can be washed. Your t-shirts will be treated as well as your cashmeres!

How many washes can I do with the 1L bottles?

If you follow the recommended doses, 40ml for a 4kg machine, you can do 25 washes per bottle. Our detergent is 3 times more concentrated than a detergent on the market.

Is your detergent natural?

The Pikoc formula contains more than 90% ingredients of natural origin. The rest guarantees the efficiency, stability and sensory pleasure of our laundry.

How much detergent should I put in the machine?

We recommend, for a 4 kg machine, a dose of 40 mL with moderately hard water. This quantity corresponds to 2 measuring cups.

For soft water, the recommended dose is 30 mL and for hard water, 60 mL.

Is it possible to wash my sheets at 90°C with Pikoc?

The detergent is effective both cold and at 90°C.
We recommend short cold cycles for energy saving.

How can we refill our detergents?

We've got you covered! You have the option to choose from:

- Our 5L eco-refills for replenishing your bottle conveniently at home. (Exclusively available on our website)
- Refill your bottle directly at our partner stores that offer refilling services.
- Schedule an appointment on our website to come and refill your laundry products at our Parisian showroom (and give us a little hello!)

Once my detergent is empty, what to do with my bottle?

You can recharge it! We offer 5L eco-refills available in stores or on our website. You can even come and fill them up at our partner stores or at our showroom.

No longer need it? Our bottle is 100% recyclable. You can place it in your recycling bin, usually the yellow one ;)

How many machines can I make with my 5L refills?

With the 5L eco-refills, you can do 125 washes, so we won't be seeing you again for a while. We'll miss you!
But don't hesitate to come back and visit us – we have plenty of other lovely products for your home.

Do your detergents contain palm oil?

Our laundry detergents contain a derivative of palm oil (oleic acid), which enables highly effective washing. But don't worry, this ingredient is RSPO certified for sustainable and eco-friendly palm oil production.

Do you test your detergents on animals?

No and it will always be no! We do not test on animals at Pikoc.

Scented Mists

Why use laundry mists?

Pikoc scented mists bring freshness and softness to your fabrics and living spaces.

Formulated with a natural odor neutralizer, they capture tobacco, cooking, and even perspiration smells. Our water-based formula is gentle on both your clothes and your surroundings.

What is the composition of these linen mists?

Composed by over 98% natural ingredients, the Pikoc mist is water-based. This formula is alcohol-free, ensuring the utmost care for your textiles and skin. Biodegradable, it leaves no environmental footprint.

It consists of just 4 ingredients:
- water
- natural odor neutralizer
- fragrance
- an active ingredient that dissolves the fragrance
That's it!

Do you test your mists on animals?

No and it will always be no! We do not test on animals at Pikoc.

Are they polluting my interior?

No, we have formulated our mists to ensure they do not pollute the ambient air. They contain zero volatile organic compounds for a healthy and fragrant home. Feel free to use them generously!

Where and how to use laundry mists?

Almost anywhere you want! A few spritzes on your chosen fabrics will refresh them. Clothes, sofas, beds, and even your cat's blanket – everyone gets to enjoy.
Just be cautious with fabrics that react to water, such as silk, suede, and leather. Not sure? Test on a small area.

How do mists eliminate bad smells?

This is thanks to the natural odor neutralizer they contain. They capture tobacco, cooking, and even perspiration smells. Our neutralizer doesn't just mask these odors – it wraps around the molecules responsible for the bad smells and eliminates them.

Dryer balls

How to use dryer balls?

Place all 4 balls directly into your dryer. Once the cycle is finished, allow the balls to air dry before the next use.

Using the drying balls will save you 50% of the drying time in your dryer!

How to perfume the dryer balls?

Add a few drops of Pikoc fragrance concentrate (2 to 4 drops) using the provided dropper onto each ball. Then place the 4 balls into your dryer before starting the cycle. Your laundry will come out delicately scented afterward.

How many times can the drying balls be used?

Our dryer balls last 3-5 years, representing 1000 uses.

How to use the perfume oils ?

Apply 2 to 4 drops on each drying ball before placing them in your dryer. Another Pikoc little extra.

Why use perfume oil?

At the end of drying, the perfume of the concentrate will be found on your laundry, one more way to sublimate your machines.

How many uses are possible with the perfume oil?

With our perfume oil bottle, you can go up to 100 uses.

Household vinegars

What is the difference between scented vinegars and classic white house vinegar?

Our household vinegars are composed of 99% naturally derived ingredients and a 100% natural fragrance.
Their biodegradable formulas have been crafted to minimize environmental impact and be gentle on your skin, all without any non-essential ingredients.

We are proud to offer you ECOCERT certified products!

Say goodbye to the unpleasant smell of white vinegar – Pikoc innovates and brings you scented vinegars for a more enjoyable cleaning experience!

Are scented vinegars natural?

YES !!! They are composed of 99% ingredients of natural origin and a 100% natural fragrance.

Is Pikoc scented vinegar really eco-responsible?

Yes and it is important for us.
Our scented vinegars are ECOCERT certified, we are proud to have this label for our vinegars.

Why use Pikoc scented vinegars rather than other household products?

Our products combine ecology, effectiveness, and fragrance. They will replace all your household products, so there's no need to accumulate dozens of bottles under your sink. They won't harm your skin during use, and they finally smell good! Do you need more reasons?

What fragrances do you offer for the scented Pikoc vinegars?

We have created 3 original perfumes:

- Santal Frais, with notes of cedar, cardamom and bergamot.

- Citron Zeste, with hints of lime, basil and mint.

- Jasmin Pêche with notes of orange blossom, ylang and apricot.

We work with a quality of perfume never seen for household products, it's Pikoc's strength :)

What are the advantages of Pikoc scented vinegars?

They make every surface in your home shine, and on top of that, they smell amazing – what could be better?
They're the number one enemy of limescale, so be careful not to use them on marble and polished stones.

What are your vinegars made of?

Our household vinegars are composed of 99% ingredients of natural origin and a 100% natural fragrance. What good things!

We only have 3 ingredients:
- vinegar
- scent
- an active ingredient that dissolves the perfume

Always without preservatives, colorings, antioxidants or non-essential ingredients.

How to use them and on which surfaces?

You can use them on all surfaces in your home, from the kitchen to the bathroom and the living room – nothing can resist them. There are 3 ways to use them:

- Directly on the surface you want to clean
- A few drops on your sponge
- Diluted with water for more delicate surfaces or for cleaning floors to make them shine.

However, be careful not to apply them on marble and polished stones.

Are the vinegars refillable?

We designed the vinegars to be refillable. A little patience, the eco-refills will soon arrive at your home.


Can you describe the smells of your linen range in more detail?

We wanted to bring quality and originality to the household section with high-end and original fragrances.

We are pleased to offer you:

- Eclat d'iris: the softness of the powdery, musky and fruity notes of the iris flower.

- Oranger en Fleurs: a note of Neroli combined with notes of honey and citrus to offer you solar freshness.

- Bois Mythique: the freshness of pine associated with the strength of cedar, a reassuring and elegant smell.

Can you describe the smells of your household range in more detail?

We offer three original 100% natural fragrances:

- Santal Frais with notes of cedar, cardamom and bergamot.

- Citron Zeste with hints of lime, basil and mint.

- Jasmin Pêche with orange blossom, ylang and apricot notes.

We work with an unequal quality of perfume for household products, this is the Pikoc identity.

How are your perfumes composed?

We pay careful attention to the ingredients we use. We avoid any substances that could have an impact on your health and the planet.

Are you planning to create a new fragrance for the linen range?

Be patient...it's coming soon! We already love it :).