Pikoc products respect the environment, discover our various commitments regarding the quality of our products.


Pikoc pays particular attention to the environment . Made in France , our concentrated detergents with organic aloe vera extract are effective when cold and in short cycles.

Our ingredients are carefully chosen. Composed of more than 90% ingredients of natural origin , our formula does not contain phthalates, preservatives, antioxidants, dyes or enzymes.

Premium fragrances

Our collection of fragrances takes up the codes of high-end perfumery.

Treat yourself to a real olfactory dressing room and gently perfume your laundry.

Effective washing

Enjoy efficiency on all your textiles while respecting them.

With Pikoc, washing your laundry becomes a real experience combining awareness and pleasure .

Recyclable and refillable packaging

All of our packaging is made of glass or recyclable PET . In addition, our detergents can be refilled in our Parisian showroom or in our partner shops. It will be the same for the rest of our range soon!