Pikoc scented candles bring comfort and softness to your daily life. Rediscover the fragrances of our Linen range and extend the olfactory pleasure throughout the house. Made by a French artisan, our candles will embalm your home with addictive fragrances and 100% natural wax.

Natural soy and coconut wax with cotton wick

Long term use

Powerful and addictive scents



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Oranger en Fleurs CandleOranger en Fleurs Candle
Oranger en Fleurs Candle Sale price38,00 €
Éclat d'Iris CandleÉclat d'Iris Candle
Éclat d'Iris Candle Sale price38,00 €
Bois Mythique CandleBois Mythique Candle
Bois Mythique Candle Sale price38,00 €

Optimal diffusion

We have selected the wax and the wick of our candles to offer you a product with the best possible diffusion. Our 100% natural wax with a mixture of soy and coconut wax allows the perfume to soak up as much as possible in the wax. Associated with a cotton wick which slows down the combustion of your candle, the perfume will embalm your interior to bring comfort and softness to your daily life.