Dishwashing liquids

Wash your dishes effortlessly with our ultra-degreasing dishwashing liquids, suitable for sensitive skin and respectful of the planet. Without compromising on effectiveness, enjoy the scents of our new collection of natural and sophisticated fragrances.

Natural formula

Ecocert® certified

100% recycled and recyclable packaging

Tested for sensitive skin


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Ecocert dishwashing liquid - Thé NéroliEcocert dishwashing liquid - Thé Néroli
Ecocert dishwashing liquid - Bois EucalyptusEcocert dishwashing liquid - Bois Eucalyptus
Ecocert dishwashing liquid - Rose MuscEcocert dishwashing liquid - Rose Musc

Your latest reviews on the household range

"Tested and approved! A pleasant fragrance, sparkling dishes and soft hands ready for the next dish!"


"As effective as it is fragrant. It's a real pleasure to do laundry with it."


"I have allergic reactions, but with this dishwashing liquid, it's perfect. The smell is a real plus"


A minimalist formula, natural ingredients

At Pikoc, we seek to be as natural as possible while remaining effective. Our dishwashing liquids are composed exclusively of ingredients of natural origin as well as 100% natural fragrances. Their biodegradable formulas have been created to minimize the impact on the environment and protect the softness of your skin. ​Always without preservatives, colorants, antioxidants or non-essential ingredients.




Tested and approved! A pleasant fragrance, sparkling dishes and soft hands ready for the next dish!



Super effective and leaves the hands very soft.



I took Bois Eucalyptus, and I love it. I feel like I'm somewhere else when I do my dishes.