Have you ever thought of offering a detergent or dishwashing liquid? With Pikoc it is now possible. Find our boxes and sets, to offer or for your own pleasure.


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Detergents - Discovery BoxDetergents - Discovery Box
Detergents - Discovery Box Sale price25,00 € Regular price30,00 €
Save 6,00 €
Linen Mists - Collection BoxLinen Mists - Collection Box
Linen Mists - Collection Box Sale price30,00 € Regular price36,00 €
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Ecocert Vinegar Trio OfferEcocert Vinegar Trio Offer
Ecocert Vinegar Trio Offer Sale price37,00 € Regular price42,00 €
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Duo Offer - Oranger en Fleurs
Duo Offer - Oranger en Fleurs Sale price44,00 € Regular price50,00 €
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Duo Offer - Éclat d'Iris
Duo Offer - Éclat d'Iris Sale price44,00 € Regular price50,00 €
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Duo Offer - Bois Mythique
Duo Offer - Bois Mythique Sale price44,00 € Regular price50,00 €
Linen Box - Oranger en FleursLinen Box - Oranger en Fleurs
Linen Box - Oranger en Fleurs Sale price100,00 €
Linen Box - Éclat d'IrisLinen Box - Éclat d'Iris
Linen Box - Éclat d'Iris Sale price100,00 €
Linen Box - Bois MythiqueLinen Box - Bois Mythique
Linen Box - Bois Mythique Sale price100,00 €

Minimal formulas, natural ingredients

Composed of more than 98% ingredients of natural origin, our products do not contain phthalates, preservatives, antioxidants, dyes or enzymes. Our entire range is non-toxic for the aquatic environment and designed to minimize its carbon impact.




Tested and approved! A pleasant fragrance, sparkling dishes and soft hands ready for the next dish!



Fantastic product I did not expect such quality and efficiency on drying.



I adore !! For years I have been looking for a detergent that smells really good and above all, whose smell stays on the laundry for a long time.