From now on, washing your clothes is a cakewalk, "uh really"... but yes, yes!

Our little advice so that your home laundry is as good as your dressing room , now olfactory .

Before his machine:

It is smart to sort your laundry according to the washing instructions. Washing whites and colors separately is always safer to ensure that the original shade is maintained. It is preferable to also sort out her delicate linen, her underwear, her woolen sweaters or her cherished cashmeres that we do not want to find in the size of our little niece. Pikoc then takes care of all your textiles! Your cashmeres will be treated as well as your sheets.

We also separate our laundry according to high or low temperature washes.

The one thing we all want is to preserve the quality of our clothes for as long as possible.

Which cycle to choose?

We are often spoiled for choice, but with which button to start our washing? To choose, we must refer to the labels of our clothes and our linens. Washing at 60°C for sheets and towels is often recommended. Washing at 40°C for less sensitive clothes, such as cotton or synthetic textiles, is sufficient. It is then preferable to do a "hand wash" cycle or at 30°C for delicate laundry. Pikoc detergent is effective in the washing machine and by hand. It will wash both cold and at 90°C!

We strongly recommend short cycles in order to protect the environment. You will reduce your water and energy consumption without even realizing it.

After his machine :

This is perhaps the most important moment. In any case, if like us, you are attached to the smell! You don't have to wait long before getting your wet laundry out of a washing machine. Indeed it is really the key to keep the freshness and the good scent of your laundry. A few hours too long and that famous smell of "poorly dried" becomes encrusted on all our laundry. To get rid of it, only one solution: restart your machine...

So don't forget, as soon as the washing is finished, hang out your laundry and take full advantage of the sweet scented scents of our favorite clothes!

The trick:

Does the badly dried and damp smell persist? Maybe you need to clean the walls of your drum to remove residue that interferes with the smell and cleanliness of your machine. Indeed on some, water can stagnate and bring a bad smell.

Our ultimate advice: Dare to indulge yourself with your laundry !

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