Touch happiness with the little pleasures of everyday life

Toucher au bonheur avec les petits plaisirs du quotidien

A day like any other, "metro, work, sleep"... the routine that sets in, the grayness of big cities, can from time to time put our morale to the test.

The little pleasures of life, however, enhance our daily routine. A smile from our neighbour, the smell of hot croissants, a giggle at the coffee machine... our daily life is finally made up of countless little pleasant moments, do we still have to realize it and put our finger on it? .

At Pikoc, we believe that nothing can change everyday life .

Many theories have revealed the importance of well-being. You can read all sorts of methods.

A somewhat original one caught our attention: the " blue attitude ". What is it ?

Researchers from the University of Sussex in the UK have shown that being in a relationship with the color blue reduces stress, helps our self-confidence and boosts our happiness. According to this study, blue has a real impact on our mood and well-being.

We run to do laundry with Bois Mythique to feel life in blue, right?

Skip this little anecdote, we think that small pleasures have a huge impact on our morale. That's why we decided to create everyday products , simple but which brings pleasure every day.

Doing your laundry may not be the best time of the day, but with an olfactory choice and a pretty bottle, we really think it turns our chore into a moment of pleasure.

And as this is the theme of the day, we end this little post by sharing with you 10 quotes that put us in a good mood:

"Joy is in everything around us, you just have to know how to extract it." Confucius

"When you throw small rays of happiness into the lives of others, the radiance always ends up reflecting on yourself." Louis F ortin

"If there is a problem, there is a solution. If there is no solution, there is no problem." Bob Marley

"I decided to be happy because it's good for your health." Voltaire

"Happiness is like a butterfly: it flies without ever looking back." Lalonde

"To live on dreams or to dream of living… Make your choice!" king

"The joyful always heal." Rabelai s

"Life is a challenge to be met, a happiness to be deserved, an adventure to be attempted" Mother Teresa

"Pleasure is collected, joy is gathered and happiness is cultivated." Buddha

"Life is like riding a bicycle, you have to move forward so as not to lose your balance." Ein stein

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