Long live the Peacock!

Vive le Paon !

You have probably noticed it but around here we are quite a fan of this little animal. Its beauty and elegance even inspired the name of our brand.

But what do we really know about the peacock?

Let's go for the discovery of its characteristics, its history and its secrets!

Originally from Asia, the Pavo Cristatus of the Galliforme order is part of the Phasianidae family, like quails and pheasants.

The tail of the peacock has amazed civilizations for a very long time. But did you know that only the male can do the cartwheel? This is how he conquered the females.

This famous wheel impresses us with nearly 100 to 150 feathers adorned with spectacular shades of color ending in half-moons.

A Canadian study showed that when the peacock fanned its tail, its feathers vibrated, producing infrasound. They are inaudible to us, but perhaps peacocks communicate like elephants through these sounds.

From its height of 2.30m and its 5kg, this bird considered as the "king of birds" has had many symbols throughout its history .

In Asia, the peacock is a sign of peace, beauty and prosperity. In India, it is even a sacred animal, a symbol of immortality and fertility.

Thanks to its beauty and its coveted richness of colors, it landed in Europe in Antiquity. It is then that he appears in Christian art as a symbol of renewal and resurrection.

In France, the peacock has long been served as one of the most refined dishes at royal tables. Through architecture and art, it embodies French elegance and refinement. This bird gradually represents the symbol of the art of living.

Buffon already referred to it in the natural history of birds in the 18th century:

" the peacock would be the king of birds, if the empire belonged to beauty and not to strength ...".

The peacock has inspired throughout history a noble and majestic image.

At Pikoc, we were inspired by "peacock" in English "peacock". This is how we wanted to transcribe the identity of our brand, symbol of our passion for elegance and daily pleasure .

The peacock's color range then inspired our range of pastel colors.

A color for a smell. A smell for a feeling. A feeling for a beautiful day!

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